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Vibrant Self Healing is based on the philosophy that wellbeing depends on a

holistic and integrative approach to health and wellness. My aim is to support and

empower you in claiming your own wellbeing. I deliver this support through

high-quality private consultations, workshops, and courses.


The human being is a complex ecosystem of the physical, the emotional, the

energetic, the conscious and the unconscious. Each area influences the others and it

is important to remember this when working towards change. This is why I approach

all healing and change work on more than one level at once, and I find that this

formula helps to achieve sustainable results.


The difference in my healing practice is that I have successfully applied each and every

intervention on myself. This means that I can speak with authority about how it works

from within as well as without, in practice as in theory.


Vibrant Self Healing is based between the Algarve, with events throughout the region,

and Lincoln, with events throughout the north of England.



Areas of expertise



NLP Breakthrough


Integrated Coaching

Meditation and Trancework

Energy Empowered Hypnosis




Living the Reiki Precepts: embracing the Reiki principles in everyday life




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"You're Brilliant! Yes, this is exactly what I needed, exactly what I was looking for, I am looking forward to this journey, think I will even journal it and I usually hate to journal, but these are dramatic changes for just one session. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to our next appointment."

Client feedback, mixed energy work, 2014