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My name is Keziah Gibbons and I am passionate about empowering myself and

others to lead vibrant, fulfilling lives. I do this by helping people to understand and

influence their own body-mind systems and with the aid of a number of therapeutic

tools, each of which has brought me my own healing.


Reiki Master and Teacher

I was first attuned to Reiki as a young woman, but I didn't really use it much as I had other things going on in my life at the time. However, callings have a way of making you listen. In 2012 I began receiving Reiki treatments during a serious and debilitating illness, and as I recovered I realised that this truly is my vocation. I retook my Reiki 1st degree, this time in a lineage that used a blend of both Western and Japanese Reiki, and began to apply myself with discipline, working my way up to Master level. As I did this many things in my life changed and my purpose as healer became clear. I now use my Reiki to help clients on their own healing journeys, and I also teach those who wish to learn.


NLP Master Practitioner

It was in learning NLP that I gained the confidence to move from being someone who had healed myself to  being someone who could also facilitate healing for others. In mastering the principles of NLP came the empowerment of being able to consciously choose what I do and how, and  truly knowing the ability to create my own reality and draw on my own resources. It is wonderful to be able to pass this on in supporting others to find, flex, and utilise their own inner resources.


Reiki Drum Master Practitioner

As my Reiki path unfolded I stumbled across the Reiki

Drum Technique at a gathering of Reiki practitioners.

Shaken by the power of a Drum Journey, I vowed that I

must learn this technique. My drum is a special and

wonderful tool, which has broadened my understanding

of myself in relation to the worlds around me, especially

that of Nature.



I have always loved a good yarn, and ever since I was a little girl could be found with my nose in a book. At 13 I wrote a serialised ghost story, Floddenfield, for my brother, and as an adult I have won prizes for my short stories. Whilst studying for my NLP Master certificate I was required to master the art of metaphor, and this has sparked an interest in the role of story in healing and teaching. I am currently studying Bardic grade with the British Druid Order.


Tarot Reader

My mother, who also reads Tarot, gave me my first deck of tarot

cards when I was in my teens. Since then I have developed the

ability to use the tarot and its beautiful symbolism to help people

to better understand their situations and to bring forth their

own unconscious and innate intuitive knowledge. Although

tarot is simply a tool, there is something very special about the

way the right cards always come out for the right person. I also

run tarot workshops for those who would like to learn about or

deepen their connection with the tarot.








Living the Reiki Precepts: embracing the Reiki principles in everyday life, 2014, LALaS


Other Qualifications


BA (Hons), University of Leeds


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction 8-week Course Certificate


Diploma in Human Anatomy and Physiology


Certificate in Modern Lifestyle Diseases: Awareness and Prevention


Certificate in Mental Health and Mental Illness


Certificate: Introduction to Human Nutrition


As part of my continuing professional development I am committed to keeping up to date in my areas of expertise and to expanding my knowledge as it deepens. Fortunately, I really enjoy learning new things, and new applications of well-known things,  and so I pursue these interests voraciously!


Other interests


I am fluent in Portuguese, in which I have a degree. My other loves are history and archaeology, and I am particularly interested in the lives of ordinary people in history. 

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