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Double Workshop: Tarot for Beginners and Tarot Deepening


Are you interested in learning more about the tarot? Would you like to own your own deck of tarot cards? How would you like to use this unique tool to better understand your life, events, and answer the questions you have? Are you keen to develop your intuitive side?


The beginners' workshop will teach you how to prepare yourself and your cards, how to lay a spread and how to give a reading with tarot cards. You will receive your very own beautiful deck of tarot cards as part of the workshop.

This course is suitable for anybody who would like to learn how to use the tarot.


The deepening workshop will explore the tarot in more depth, answer some frequently asked questions about the tarot, and provide a space to explore your own tarot experiences.

This workshop is suitable for anybody who has completed the beginners' workshop or who is already using the tarot in some way.


Sunday 17th December 2017, Barão de São Miguel, Algarve



Beginners' Workshop (10am-1pm): Unwaged €35; Waged €45; Abundant €55

Deepening Workshop (2pm-5pm): Unwaged €10; Waged €20; Abundant €30

Full day: Unwaged €40; Waged €60; Abundant €80

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"Yesterday, I attended a Tarot Workshop organised by Keziah Gibbons. I found it to be an excellent introduction to learning to read The Tarot. Well-structured and extremely thorough. A lot of information given in detail with easy to understand explanations, along with the opportunity to practice - all due to Kez's calming and positive teaching approach. :)"

January 2016 delegate