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Integrated Coaching: Healing and Personal Development


What does the client bring to the session?

You bring your understanding of the issue which has been troubling you. This may be a deep and complex knowledge of the subject, or you may simply know that something's not right and need help in fixing it. That's fine, we'll work it out together.

You'll also, of course, be bringing your physical and energy bodies, your emotional self, and your mind with all of its wonderful layers of consciousness. These, and your inbuilt human ability to heal and grow, will be our primary resources.


What does the coach bring to the session?

Experience in helping people to find creative solutions for their problems, training in and mastership of a number of modalities, and a special toolkit of interventions suited to your individual circumstances.


Together, we...

Explore your issue, create a plan, and then set about creating a solution, working on several different levels at once.


What sort of issue benefits from the integrated coaching approach?

You can come to integrated coaching with anything in your life which you want to change or improve. Some people come for support in fighting a disease. Others are recovering from traumatic experience(s). And there are people who simply need some encouragement in becoming really excellent in a specific area or in achieving a specific task.

Because integrated coaching is a many-leveled approach to empowering you to be who you want to be, and live how you want to live, it is suitable for almost any situation which might arise.


If you would like to book an integrated coaching consultation, please contact me directly.



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"Thank you, Keziah, for your professional and personalized services. I was amazed at the variety and depth of your expertise and techniques in empowering a person’s wellbeing. It was an incredible journey of self-discovery and healing, and I will continue to recommend your service to others who would like to explore the ways to heal and grow holistically. With gratitude,"

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