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What is NLP?


Neuro-Linguistic Programming is about studying how we do what we do well, and using this information in order to achieve our goals.


NLP uses language, patterns of thought and the way we represent things to ourselves in order to reprogramme our brains to do the things which we would like them to do in order to gain the most benefit.


We all have complex mental lives and thoughts or behaviours which we may want to change. NLP can help you to do that by teaching you to communicate better with your own brain.


NLP has had particular success in achieving specific outcomes, breaking habits and addictions, and dealing with unwanted emotions such as anger, fear and worry. It can also be useful in optimising how you interact with the people and situations around you.








Breakthrough Session

The Breakthrough Session is so named because it allows some kind of breakthrough on a particular issue which may have been troubling you. It is a one-off session in which the issue is explored and worked on until the breakthrough is achieved. The session lasts 1-3 hours on the principle that we will work together for as long as it takes to create some kind of helpful change.


NLP Coaching

If you have a situation in which you would like to improve or excel, NLP coaching may be for you. During your coaching period we will work together to apply NLP principles and techniques to your circumstances, and you will be encouraged to integrate and practice these as 'homework'. Prepare to be astounded by the results you bring about!


Booking a session

If you would like to know more please contact Keziah to arrange a session.

Please note that owing to the importance of language in NLP changework, sessions are only currently available in English and Portuguese.


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