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What is Reiki?


Reiki is the art of healing by the laying on of hands. In a Reiki session the practitioner places her hands on the client and channels Universal Life Force Energy (Ki) into the client. The therapy is hands-on and non-invasive.


Reiki is very relaxing and can also be useful in helping to fight illness and energy imbalance. It is good for strengthening the body, mind, and spirit to deal with whatever challenges you may be facing, and for clearing out toxins and any unwanted emotional residue.




What is the Reiki Drum Technique?


A Reiki Drum healing session is part hands-on Reiki, part Reiki-charged drumming. Drumming has been used for healing purposes in many cultures throughout time and the world. Studies show that drumming is beneficial for many conditions. The combination of Reiki and drumming makes for a truly powerful healing.


Booking a session


If you would like to book a session please contact Keziah to arrange a time that is convenient for you.



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"I have experienced Keziah's holistic approach in three areas, Reiki, Tarot and NLP. Her Reiki energy is superb, and she has supported me to reduce stress and pay attention to my well being generally. I believe that the NLP work is integrated into what she does, and thoroughly enjoyed a gentle and helpful Tarot consultation, encouraging me to align to my inner self. I highly recommend Keziah, and believe her strength lies in aligning to your particular needs and working with you to the ends that you want."

Dr. Janice Russell, Health and Life Transitions

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