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Tarot and Story: Creating the Story Within using symbols, archetypes and the unconscious


Wednesday, 21 March 2018

IV International Seminar on Fairytale and Storytelling Therapy

Tivoli Hotel, Sintra


What story do you have to tell and how can you coax it from your unconscious mind? What are the patterns in your life story? Which characters are you? Who are your allies and guardians? What are your obstacles and what resources do you have to overcome them? If you could create your own future, what would it look like?


These are some of the questions which we’ll explore in this unique workshop, using the Tarot to connect with the deeper levels of your being, and to bring your personal force to life. Tarot offers a unique and powerful means for tapping into the creative unconscious.


You don’t have to have your own Tarot deck for this workshop, but if you do, please bring them along! A limited number of Tarot decks will also be available to purchase on the day. The workshop will be both theoretically supported and highly interactive in style.









Janice and Keziah are a crack Tarot-reading mother and daughter duo from the UK.


Janice has used Tarot for over 30 years for personal and professional development. She works extensively with recovery from trauma and transitional development. She has particular interest in structured metaphor as a means of communication with the unconscious mind. Janice has taught both Counselling and Coaching to MSc level at the Universities of Durham, Hull and Lincoln, UK, and is an ethical trainer in NLP. She is a visiting Senior Fellow (Coaching) at the University of Lincoln. Janice holds an MA in Creative Writing and has taught Creative Writing for the University of East Anglia, and has guested at the Universidade Nova in Lisboa. She has written three novels as well as several books and papers in coaching and counselling. Psychology, philosophical principles and beliefs, story and embodied communication are the threads from which she weaves her tapestry of expertise.


Keziah reads and teaches Tarot, and is an in demand facilitator, using Tarot as a tool for teaching and personal development, and also in organisations where she has developed a programme of Tarot for Business and Communication. She is a budding Storyteller, with a broad interest in world mythology and a specific interest in Celtic myths and stories and stories from the British Isles. Keziah graduated from the University of Leeds with honours in Portuguese Language with Lusophone Culture and Russian Studies, and is a Reiki Master and a Master Practitioner of NLP. She is the developer of The Storytelling Model and the author of Living the Reiki Precepts.


This workshop is offered is part of the IV International Seminar on Fairytale and Storytelling Therapy in Sintra, March 2018. For further details and to buy your tickets please visit the Moonluza website.