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Women's Wellbeing Meditation Series


The Women's Wellbeing Meditation Series is an ongoing project inspired by the women around me.


Recently, I became aware of just how many of the women I know, including myself, were dealing with issues which are either woman-specific or much more likely to occur in women. As a meditation teacher my interest was piqued. What could I do to support these women, and myself, in regaining the balance and poise needed to deal with these issues?


The Women's Wellbeing Meditation Series was born. Numerous studies show that meditation produces outstanding results in reducing stress, a factor which if not always causal, often aggravates health issues. Regular meditation rewires our brains and also our bodies, and meditation has been shown to be effective in many different health conditions.


It can be very effective, when deciding to take charge of a situation, whether it be a health challenge or a life situation, to not only know what outcome you want but to connect to it through visualisation and state change, allowing your body to begin to make the changes on a cellular level which will be associated with your chosen outcome.


Some behaviours also have causes or aggravators at an unconscious level, and can be best accessed in a hypnotic state.


The meditations all combine relaxation, which on its own may bring relief, with some form of visualisation and light trance work. This is not, however, to deny the reality of your situation, and acknowledgement of the situation and of the emotions and feelings associated with it are an important part of the work.


The Women's Wellbeing Meditation Series is an ongoing project, crowdfunded by, and currently only available through, my Patreon page. Click here for more details.


Current and planned meditations:


Meditation for Abdominal Symptoms * Female Body Scan * Hormone Balancer * Body Love * Uterine Growths * Pregnancy


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